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Rana Akiki

At Healthy Lifestyle almost everyone calls me “Akiki”, but my name is Rana, and I have been a member of this family for a year and a half now.

That Awkward Moment When Joining A New Gym.

I decided to join Healthy Lifestyle very randomly. I still remember meeting Eliane and Fares for the first time on a Saturday morning. It felt weird and awkward for I knew that I’m going to be starting all over again, in a place where I don’t know anybody. I took the risk and decided to try doing things differently this time, and by thinking that I have nothing to lose, I actually won everything!

The first couple of months were hard. Not only was I working out and training there, but also I was getting to know the HL team, and trying to figure out how they think. It was consuming, I admit. But gradually, I started to love everything about this place; literally everything: the coaches, the workouts, the family spirit, the gym itself and the smoothies (obviously!!). It felt like home.


It Was Never Easy But It Was Worth It.

I started from the bottom, now I’m here. I’m not going to say that it was all a straight line of continuous progress. But then again, nothing in life actually is. I did not count the ups and downs; what mattered to me was the outcome. And now I can finally say that I am proud of it! I still got a long way to go, but I’m up for all the challenges.


Fitness Success Is All About Support & Motivation.

So much has changed ever since I started my fitness journey here. The support I got was unimaginable; Eliane was there all along, helping and pushing me to get to where I am today. And all the coaches never missed a chance to give out motivation words.


Healthy Lifestyle’s Secret Weapon.

What I’m going to say will sound absurd but I learned so much here, and not only fitness wise. This is the secret weapon at Healthy Lifestyle; they work on the whole package: body and mind.
I learned that it’s okay to not see results fast; patience is key. I learned that food is not my enemy, and enjoying a good meal every once in a while is not a crime. And most importantly, I learned that if you have the right mindset, you can get anywhere you want.


At Healthy Lifestyle You’re In Safe Hands.

None of this would have been possible without the support of all the team at Healthy Lifestyle; my results are your efforts and mine combined! Thank you!
And to everyone who is feeling down because they think they’ve hit rock bottom, don’t worry, if you know where to look, you will always find people to help you get up and try again. I did.

Nicole Lebbos

A Gourmand with Deep Love for Food…

First let me start by introducing myself… My name is Nicole Lebbos and I am someone very gourmand who’s got a deep love for food 😛

I knew about Healthy Lifestyle through my friend Michel Kiwarkis who trains there.
During my first consultation with coach Fares, I was really hesitant about weight training and wasn’t expecting at all to commit for a long period of time.
There were many times where I wanted to give up. At the beginning my workouts seemed like a punishment to me.

Then after less than two months of joining the “PT 365 Program at Healthy Lifestyle”, I started feeling my body transforming into a better version of myself, I was dropping weight and body fat for the first time in my life and was looking fit, younger and most importantly happier.


Bye Bye Cellulite

Cellulite is gone, I no longer need massage therapy and I am confidently wearing outfits that I never dreamed about. My self-confidence is at its peak now and it is radiating to every aspect of my life, from a personal and professional perspective.


…Who transformed into a Fitness Addict

Now I can proudly say that I am fitness addict. My workouts are a priority now. I schedule all my appointments around it but never skip and I enjoy every session.
To anyone looking to start their own fitness journey, I highly recommend Healthy Lifestyle. The coaches are really professional and they will guide through every step to help you achieve all your goals.
Just have faith and trust the journey.

If a gourmand Like me who had insatiable love for food was able to do it then you can.



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Elie Moussi

My name is Elie Moussi, and I am proud to say that I am now a Healthy Lifestyler.

Coach Fares and I met at a business seminar, and after introducing me to his private training services that promote a “Healthy Lifestyle” and do things differently than our typical gym; I have decided to quit my old gym and give it a try.


PT 365 Program: A Coach, A Partner, A Friend…

The idea of having a coach who helps you set the right goal for your physical fitness, designs a focused workout suitable for your needs, works with you step by step towards achieving your goals and measures the results along the way is something new and exciting to me at the same time.

With the aid of the coaches at Healthy Lifestyle, a balanced nutritional diet, the right discipline and commitment, I was able to lose up to 7 kilos of fat in two months while maintaining my lean muscle mass.


Going to the gym is no longer a boring useless experience as it was before.

being able to have fun while exercising, getting results with a minimal amount of time of two to three hours per week and joining a family full of positive vibes that cares about a healthy wellbeing is something great as it is.

Dany Leilo

I decided to join Healthy Lifestyle after checking their success stories and had a dream of becoming one of them one day. I wanted to see a transformation and look healthier.

Healthy Lifestyle SPT 365 program exceeded my expectations.

My life was centered on daily unhealthy habits. I hated sports and never wanted to give up my fast food and candies.
Now with the support of my coaches, sports became an addiction. I look up to every session. I eat healthy and understand that food is my friend and not my enemy.

To anyone who wants to join Healthy Lifestyle I advise them to start NOW.

It took 3 months between my first consultation with coach Fares and the time I subscribed to the program. And now I wish I have started before.
The sooner… the better.

Now I can proudly say

I’m a Healthy Lifestyler and proud member of the Healthy Lifestyle Family.



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Loulou Tanios


After a long research and after trying many kind of diets and exercises without getting any results, I crossed the Facebook page of healthy lifestyle.
I liked the concept, the staff was familiar and confident, the location was perfect for me and the budget is reasonable.
So I decided to join Healthy Lifestyle family.

Joining this family was one of the best choices I have done in my life, I can’t talk about this experience without tears in my eyes and joy in my heart.

To be honest, the first 2 months were very difficult (mentally and physically). I can’t forget my fatty look in the mirror and the hard efforts I have done.

After this period I was running to the gym twice a week to see my new silhouette on the same mirror that I hated before and enjoying my progress.

My experience in Healthy lifestyle gave me a lot of self-confidence and helped me to set my priority in life which is my health to be a role model for my kids.

In addition, I forgot about my back pain (I don’t need Mucerol extra anymore) and I am so proud of my new look and my strong muscles.

The most important benefit of this experience was the happiness; this part cannot be written cannot be expressed, I just felt it after each session.

To all Beginners, take the decision seriously, commit and explain to your family and surroundings to respect the time dedicated to your body and health.

Don’t give up, challenge yourself to enjoy the results.

This was my journey, this was my experience
Now, I am a true Healthy Lifestyler!


I used to hate Gyms and loved doing only cardio but unfortunately, I had a knee and back injury that kept me off training for 6 month.
During that period I gained a couple of extra kilograms and developed a little belly. (Ok maybe more: P)
Then while surfing through facebook i discovered the SPT 365 Program at Healthy Lifestyle and saw the before/after images and the transformation results of the members on social media, I instantly made the decision to join it. I met Coach Fares, I discovered how passionate & motivated he was, and that’s what encouraged me to work hard. I knew he can help me reach my fitness goals.

They developed a customized fitness program based on my needs and condition and miraculously results started showing fast. I met my short terms goals in a month, 3 times faster than scheduled. I started gaining muscle, losing fat, my body became stronger and I’m still working.

Now after 6 months of training and commitment; I reached the program’s 3rd stage, lost 8Kg & 6.8% of body fat.
Looking forward for more achievement 🙂



It all started with a dose of motivation from my sister. After a quick Google search of “personal training in Metn region”, Healthy Lifestyle was the closest to our hearts.
We made the call, scheduled my free consultation and my fitness journey started.

In the past, before starting any fitness commitment, I was really worried about scheduling my time, I was afraid of the tough workouts, the feeling of dizziness or tiredness I used to have when working out and most of all I resisted weight training because I didn’t want to get bulky.

At Healthy Lifestyle, it was totally the opposite. Fat loss wasn’t as difficult as it seemed, I was able to tone my body without looking masculine and this affected my psychological health.

Now I am better person in my daily life, I became more productive at work and less stressful.

I learned that consistency is the key to the long term success. I celebrate all my improvements, no matter how small they are and most importantly I appreciated the power of weight training for women to reduce body fat and look toned.

I recommend Healthy Lifestyle to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle. The team spirit of the coaches, the dose of motivation they provide, as well as the connections and friendship with all the friendly members are the perfect recipe for fitness success.



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When you join Healthy Lifestyle, you don’t simply join a gym, you join a beautiful, vibrant and warm family, full of positive energy and great vibes, and that what makes this place so special!

I would have never imagined that fitness would be my true passion, it was the last thing on my mind, especially that I always used to subscribe to regular gyms but never felt in my skin!

However, this place, and the great work and constant motivation of the amazing coaches / owners Eliane and Fares, made me discover this inner passion and put me on the right track.

No miracles were done in five months! Only a big desire to change my miserable junkaholic lifestyle into a healthy diet, a huge determination to achieve outstanding results and have the body I’ve always dreamt of, having the diligence by giving it everything it takes to achieve my goals, and most importantly…

by being self disciplined, and that you will only learn from professional, positive and caring trainers like Eliane, Fares and all the Healthy Lifestyle team.

Cheers for always staying Fit & Healthy!



I couldn’t believe the changes I’ve made until I saw my before/after pictures.
Now I have lost 7 kg, I am looking more toned and reasonably athletic again.

I feel so happy with my results. What was impossible to me before became a new personal achievement.

I learned from my experience that there is no magic changes in few days. Changes need lot of patience, will, perseverance, and caring assistance like the one I had with my coaches at Healthy Lifestyle.

I now attend on a regular basis and stick to a healthy nutrition. I feel happier, have more energy and motivation in my daily life.

I am more confident now in my ability to achieve fitness.

I no longer look towards going to the gym as a chore, but as a rewarding time for both my body and my mind. I have new goals to work towards now, and aim to reach new and exciting achievements in the upcoming months.

Thank you Healthy Lifestyle for making all this possible.

Dany Kharrat


I joined Healthy Lifestyle on October 2015 as I was Overweight and in a Very Poor Fitness Level.

In my case, I had several past experiences registering at many big gyms but I never committed for more than one week until I met coach Fares.

This guy is a real expert in the fitness field, he knows how to keep me motivated for my next session and made me commit like no time ever.

Now after 4 months, the results are very clear and you can see them in my before/after pictures..
Thank you Fares for the awesome job you did physically and morally.



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Jad Helou


I have always considered myself as an average person physically but never the athletic or fit guy.
I love sports and used to practice many types at a younger age but a serious injury made me let go at the time and never had the motivation to seek alternatives.
Being almost 2 meters tall, gaining weight was never clearly an issue since i thought i never looked fat being that tall. However, now i am fully aware that indeed you can look fat and not fit even when you are tall, but I suffered from complacency and the result was horrendous 4 months ago when i reached 108.7 kgs.

As I previously mentioned, I had a terrible fall 20 years ago playing basketball and when going thru x-rays it turned out that i did have other back related issues.
Whatever the reason was, whether surgically treated or not, I never helped it or never gave myself a shot of being more fit to ease those pains. I had issues with:
– Muscles Spams
– Sciatic Nerve
– Loss of Disk Sspace
– Chronic Lower Back Pain Due To All Of The Above

My height and my physical abilities did not help either. At one point in time, I had back pain on a daily basis plus the most serious part about it is that i always felt out of energy, zero stamina even lazy at one point and low on confidence. it is then I decided i needed a change and i reach out for Healthy Lifestyle.

Since my first session with Coach Eliane, she has been quite terrific on all levels which I’ll mention subsequently:
– I have learned to be tougher mentally and not to give up on the 1st attempt as I used to do.
– I have learned patience, that you need to take the ladder step by step and enjoy the minor developments and the major ones.
– I have learned that its not about eating less when you are training, it is about the smarter choices you make when eating.
– I have also learned that training is not about just lifting weights but it is about the customization made for each in a way that suits your goals best.


The Results

  1. I lost 18 Kgs in 4 months, which eased my back pain, made me feel better about myself and enjoy looking at the mirror and feeling good when walking topless.
  2. My confidence is even higher and I am no longer tempted by bad choices of food on a daily basis. I enjoy eating differently and it becomes not much difficult when you get used to it. Besides, it is not that difficult when you learn what to eat and you could still cheat from time to time when it is moderately done.
  3. My motivation is at its peak, now working with Coach Eliane on gaining muscle and getting in better shape. my energy is higher as well in my day to day life activities.
  4. I enjoy what I do now at the Gym. I even know much about nutrition facts and try to spread it in my circle which spreads positive energy everywhere I go.

All in all, my perception is different and the way of doing things together is unique. I’ll look forward to the next transformation and I’ll give it 100% to get to each goal once defined. You can never say enough when you are as happy but I’ll stop here hopefully I did show the bigger picture of my story. If i did not, you can check my before/after pic and you will get my point 🙂

Thank You Healthy Lifestyle!

Chantal Akkary


I’m Chantal Akkary, a social media analyst and a lifestyle blogger.
I love life, sports, and reading.

I am sports fanatic from long time ago, I used to workout a lot, mostly cardio. Sometimes I did 3 courses cardio during the same day, but I never felt that something was changing in my body. I always had a belly and I wasn’t happy about it. So I needed to find a solution!!

I learned about Healthy Lifestyle through social media and I joined since November 2014.
And while training with Coach fares, I learned that when you want to sculpt a beautiful body, you need to be believe in the process, love yourself and be Patient! It will take some time, but with the dedication and commitment, you will have results you never dreamt of!

After I got addicted to weight training, my coach enlightened me more and advised me for even better results, I should watch my diet. So I took the meal plan also with my full body workout twice per week and the results are like WOW!

I wasn’t fat when I started, but I still had fat in places and it didn’t look nice at all! Now when I look at the before & after pictures I feel so proud of myself. All the hard work didn’t go in Vain, it’s totally worth it!!



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Elita Challita


It all started 10 months ago when I decided that it’s about time to get up from that couch and do something, change my life, become my own success story.

When you hit rock bottom, the hardest thing to do is to take decision and make the first step. What follows is the easy part.
I still remember my first session: the fitness test. I got muscles’ pain for a week. Then came the rewards; weight loss, fat loss, body shaping.

My first moment of joy was fitting my old jeans!!! It was heaven!!!
I know that none of my accomplishments were possible without the help of Fares, Eliane and Sarine and their continuous encouragements.

Fares, I can’t thank you enough for your help and support.

As they say: no pain, no gain.
I gain my self-satisfaction back.

Bachir Jreich


“To turn a lifelong Couch Potato into a Gym rat is no small feat”
This the title of my fitness journey with Coach Fares at Healthy lifestyle Gym!

Once upon a time, a 30 years old man (me), who never liked working out as it was extremely difficult to get motivated, although he knew he was at an unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a life change…

Back to the real story!

What a switch… I am now mentally adjusting to my new body image, more than 10 kilos of fat loss!
It all started when I spoke to Fares on the phone. I told him exactly what I wanted and he was more knowledgeable than any other trainer I have spoken to so I decided to walk in one day and see what this was all about.

When I met Fares for a consultation, I wasn’t sure how much he was able to change my life, but from the start of our conversation I saw how educated he was when it comes to health and fitness and his passion for it was exuberant.
He is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to.

I have worked with Fares for more than 4 months and the results I achieved so far are largely due to his perfect combination of diverse and individualized training methods, He knows just how and when to encourage and push me, though never too much. He works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible, I have a better balance and most importantly working out became fun.

After signing up at healthy lifestyle Personal training I have a very different attitude toward exercising. Now I can’t get enough! And I am still going!
It isn’t just the drop in numbers that has inspired me to dive deeply in my journey, but the overall way I feel. After 4 months of training with Fares, I am in the best shape of my life and I feel healthier than ever!

My muscles and body took on a whole new shape and I am finally happy with the way I look.
Plus, this gym offered me a sense of family, I got to know the people I workout with and built a network of good new Healthy friends!

I would not hesitate to consult Fares for any future fitness projects and I’m pleased to say that he would be an asset to any fitness program. He went beyond all my expectations and the best is yet to come!

So, If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Fares is your man!

Rabih Haydar
Rabih Haydar Transformation Before After

لن أبدأ حكايتي بمقدمة، و لكني سأبدؤها بطرح سؤال … هل قرأتم كتاب “السر” the secret ؟
ربما الكثير منكم سيقول نعم، و لكن القليلون يطبقون ما قرأوه… و انا واحد منهم.
و لكن الصدفة احيانا، تجعلنا نرجع إلى صفحات الكتاب، حيث قرأنا بين سطوره أمراً ما، يحصل معنا الان.
في هذا الكتاب، قرأت أن الإيجابية تجذب الإيجابية. و بعض الأشخاص في حياتنا هم المصدر. و لا شك في ذلك!

في العام ٢٠٠٨، كنت و زميلي في العمل، في المكتب نفسه. تطورت العلاقة من زمالة إلى صداقة في اقل من شهر. شيء ما جعلني اشعر بالارتياح و الثقة بهذا الشخص. لدرجة أنني كنت اعمل بنصائحه “على العميانة”.

عاطفيا، مهنيا، و حتى على الصعيد العائلي كان له الفضل في بعض النصائح. بالشاردة و الواردة كنا نتناقش!
لم يبخل علي يوما بالنصيحة. و بالمقابل، كان يضخ في حياتي النمط الإيجابي في التفكير.
تجاربه مع الحياة، و طريقته في التعامل مع نفسه قبل الآخرين، جعلتني أؤمن بأن كتاب السر… اصبح حقيقة.
ربما هو لم يقرأه، و لكنني أؤكد له اليوم، بأن كل ما يقوم به، موجود في الصفحة رقم ١٠٠ من الكتاب!
علام تحتوي هذه الصفحة؟
هذا هو السر ….

فارس سعد، تجربتي معك في الحياة، لن اختصرها ب ١٠ كيلوغرامات خسرتها في النادي… إنما هي سر معرفتي بك !


Nicolas Menassa

It all started when I was 29 years old and felt flabby with 95kg loaded of fat.
A friend of mine guided me to “Healthy Lifestyle” where I was enthusiastically greeted by coach Fares & Eliane.

I started with a global fitness test along with a questionnaire about my future long & short term goals. During the next session my first fitness program was ready and this when the rubber met the road.

I was amazed by the fast results I got. I lost around 18 kg of fat & shaped up my upper and lower body.

Now I became a fitness addict (I hate rest days, can you imagine?!). I feel much better physically and mentally.
After one year of working out, I can confidentially say: “Yes I can go to the beach and remove my shirt”

Thank you coach Fares. You did a great job.

Roland Hachem

They say Workout and Eat Healthy and your body will be at its best.
If only doing it is as easy!

No matter how determined you are, most of us start with great enthusiasm then slow down and eventually stop.
Others get demotivated when the results don’t come as fast as the hard work (yeah miracles don’t happen over a month!).
Some start steroids and become Schwarzenegger (Well good luck for your liver and your tumors in progress!).

On 27 Nov 2012 I made one of the best decisions of my life and I decided to get fit but NOT ALONE!
As we all know how this ends (except for the rare few heroes who have plenty of time on their dish to focus on their gym goals!).
I joined Healthy Lifestyle with Fares. And since then I am an addict.

Up by 7:00 am, burning calories on the treadmill at 7:45.
Building muscle mass by from 8 till 9.
Winter. Summer. In between my business trips… I never stopped for 14 months so far and I am not planning to.
Not only my body is fit but my mind started seeing life through a whole new perspective and most of my wisdom and insights ironically enough flow on the treadmill.

Cheers to that (with a protein alcohol-free shake 🙂


Pascale Abi Nader

Where should I start? How do I push myself to start? Those were the questions that I had no answers all my life till I met Eliane the personal trainer from Healthy Lifestyle.
She pushed me forward to start on a healthy diet and training by giving me the right workouts and motivation.

When I started training, I suddenly felt like my life had a purpose, like I finally had something to look forward to. At first it was a slow process, but then I felt in love with lifting! I was amazed at the increase in my energy and strength, and I developed a passion for this lifestyle. I lift to impress myself because I don’t want to go back to the state I was living.
“Healthy Lifestyle” was a turning point in my life!

Rosalie Malkoun

I’ve been training with Healthy Lifestyle for 9 months now.
I can honestly say that Coach Fares is one of the most motivating, dedicated, professional, talented and genuinely nice people I have ever met!!
Not only he has the ability to keep the difficult workouts so interesting and fun, but also he is the inspiration to a healthy lifestyle!
If you want a life changing trainer, workout with Coach Fares, I’m so lucky to have found him!

Elie C

Attending Healthy lifestyle gym where I met Fares – my coach – was one of the best decision I have taken in my life.
Working with him made me believe in myself again and thanks to his guidance and support, I was able to lose 20kg in 5 months.
Believe me this did not come easy, it was all hard work at the gym and commitment to a proper diet, but at the end it was also rewarding and worth every minute.

To sum it up, it was a life changing experience to me that I know it will be hard to sustain but with a fresh state of mind I will do my best not to go back to where i was.

A big thanks to Healthy lifestyle gym, to Fares, Eliane his partner and to all my colleagues – new friends – that made my journey full of fun and rewarding both mentally and physically.

Cheers !!! Stay Healthy !!!

Tony Karam

In the past, when people thought of Tony Karam (me), the first thing that came to their mind was what an unhealthy overweight McDonald’s’ fan teenager!
But all that changed today!

I am proud to say that, since I started working out at “Healthy Lifestyle”, I now have a new perspective to life and it’s safe to call it a Healthy Lifestyle.

I thank you Fares for helping me lose more than 10 kilos in a month and guiding me in the right direction.

Pierre C

18 February 2013, that was the beginning of a tremendous change in my life,
I met Coach Fares for the first time for a business purpose and I was amazed by his positivity,dedication for success and fitness.

It was the first time in my life I decided to have some workout, 3 days a week, great atmosphere, perfect follow-up, explanation of every exercise, positive support and encouragement…
It really changed my life,I felt healthier, happier, powerful and positive.

Thanks Healthy Lifestyle for this great opportunity of sculpting a healthier body and happier person.
Thank you Eliane & Fares for being great Coaches and Wonderful FRIENDS



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