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Hey, I’m Fares and this is my partner Eliane

Can I ask you a question…
Which of the following are you sick and tired of dealing with the most?


  1. Spending long hours on cardio machines with no results
  2. Going to the gym and feeling lost not knowing where should you start
  3. Going shopping and getting disappointed in the fitting room with what you see in the mirror
  4. Waking up in the morning and your extra weight is the first thing you think of
  5. Searching for XL sweater or large dresses to hide the extra disproportional fats


It is OK… you’re not alone!

I know because I have experienced it and helped a lot of people transform their bodies throughout the years.


How I Lost Nearly 25 Kilos

Over the years I combined my knowledge of fitness, nutrition and I finally did it.
I got into great shape and felt amazing!

But you don’t have to trust me!
Just check out what our clients think of our teaching methods and philosophies on living a Healthy Lifestyle.


Most Everyone I Worked With Got Similar Results

What’s really cool is that a lot of the people I train had lost hope and confidence that it was possible.

Can you imagine how they feel now?



Jad Helou


Chantal Akkary


Pascale Abi Nader


Nicolas Menassa


To read their full stories please click here.



Introducing “SPT 365”:

The Muscle-Toning, Body-Shaping, Thigh-Reducing, Stomach-Flattening Solutions You’ve Been Looking For

The “SPT 365” Transform System workouts are done in Semi-Private Training sessions (average 6-8 people at a time).

This means we work you through intense full body workouts in a fun, fast-paced and supportive environment that near ensures your success.


See Why The “SPT 365” is By Far Your Ultimate Solution

Comparison Chart


And Most Importantly,
You will get the Best Personal Training Services in Beirut at Affordable Prices!

Let’s be honest in here!
A lot of people can’t afford paying 40$-70$ / personal training session!

But since we – at “Healthy Lifestyle” – believe that living fit & strong is a right to everyone… “SPT 365” finally came to life 😀

You have the total rights to:
  1. Work with a Professional Fitness Coach without getting broke.
  2. Follow a Fitness Program Designed Specifically for you
  3. Train in a Private, Clean & Uncrowded Gym
  4. Be Surrounded with Positive People that will Push You Up


CALL US NOW 76.150 081 to reserve your place.

We’ll talk for just a bit on the phone about your fitness goals and what you want, and then if we feel it’s a good match we’ll schedule our first session
(Sometimes we’re all busy training clients and we may not be able to answer…no worries we’ll call you back almost immediately. Usually within 1-3 hours. We can then talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish.)


We want You to become our next Success Story!

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