As a professional personal trainer, I’ve been blessed with an uncontrollable passion for fitness and nutrition.
What can i do, It’s in my DNA 🙂

Sport was my passion since childhood. I bought my first 2 dumbbells at the age of 9 and started home basic training.
Even though I was a decent athlete, I was always conscience of my endo/meso frame. I used to feel uncomfortable taking my shirt off and showing my skinny fat frame.
Fortunately for me, I’ve always been high on self-improvement and enjoyed the challenge of overcoming my weakness.
My initial attempts at working out produced very little results. The reason wasn’t because I wasn’t working hard. It was because I was very ignorant to the usage of proper training and diet methods. I quickly learned that transforming my body must be seen as a disciplined and structured marathon rather than a quick and unstructured sprint.

My Body Transformation

My body transformation began taking place after I hit a wall. I became so frustrated with my lack of physical progress that I had to take a step back and seek proper guidance. I consumed myself with everything related to fitness and nutrition (I still do today). Having an addictive personality, I researched everything I could about the in’s and out’s building lean mass and cutting body fat. After reading the right books and following success stories of athletes that overcame the same challenges that I faced, I started implementing these best practices into my daily routines.

What Was The Result?

Some of my friends still make fun of my lifestyle routine considering it as tough or boring. It’s quite simple, you have only 2 options if you’re looking for a sculpted 6 packs, V-shaped back and chiseled arm:
1- Whether you live a healthy lifestyle and commit to your exercises and nutrition
2- Whether you don’t (no BUTs)
So why should you follow my journey? I’ve been there, I’ve tried that. I’ve worked my butt off for very little results. It wasn’t until I started implementing a structured fitness and nutrition plan into my lifestyle that I started to see results. I understand what you’re going through. That’s why I know you’ll appreciate the insights and best practices that I have to share. By implementing these best practices into your daily fitness and nutrition routine, you’ll conquer all fears about your body.

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