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First off, I’m so happy to see the hundreds of action takers joining our Mission of helping people get fit at Healthy Lifestyle!
If you’re one of these, “take control of your life “do-ers”, congratulations.

But if you’re still on the fence about investing in your #1 asset: Your Health…
I want you to take a quick minute to talk to you about the Best Investment I ever made in my Life 🙂


Investment Strategy in your #1 Asset: Your Health

“Investment Strategy? I thought this was about fitness and health?”

When you hear the word “invest”, most people instantly think of money.
Don’t get me wrong, investing in your financial future is very important.

But let me ask you this:
What good does a retirement savings portfolio do if you aren’t healthy enough to actually make it to your retirement?

Let’s face it; people that only invest in their finances, and ignore their health, will not live long enough to enjoy it (or they’ll spend all their savings on medications).


Because your Health is a Mandatory Investment

DO NOT look at your health as an expense, look at it as a mandatory investment (just like your retirement account).
That’s the mindset shift you need to make right now.

Regardless of what genetic structure you have been given, your health is your responsibility.
Not your doctors, not your governments, not your partners, not food marketers…IT’S YOURS!

You can make the necessary lifestyle changes right now to change the cards you think life has dealt you.
And the great thing is, the full, done-for-you, step-by-step plan, is broken down for you at Healthy Lifestyle.

We’re ready and waiting for you.
Give us a call today on 76.150081 to join a new world of supportive coaches in the fitness industry 😉


PS: Don’t accept or make excuses for your current state of health!
When it comes to your health and obesity, you are responsible for your outcome. Call us on 76.150081 to reserve your free consultation.


Cheers for a Healthy Lifestyle,
Coach Eliane.

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Eliane Bou Assy
Author: Eliane Bou Assy

I’m on a mission to educate, motivate and inspire people to live healthy 365 days a year through eating better food and moving more effectively. Make a difference, join me to live a “Healthy Lifestyle”.

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