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10 Steps to Developing an Exercise Habit

It can be frustrating when you know what you want to do, or even should do, but you can’t get yourself to do it. Exercising regularly is something we all know that we should do, but few of us seem to be able to build that habit. If you can create an exercise habit, you’ll…

5 Reasons We’re The Best Personal Training Studio In Beirut

What are your values? We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values. Here are 5 Core Values We Live By Every Single Day. They define what our brand stands for, its core values, the tone of voice and the way we communicate with our gym members and coaches. 1….

What Others Say

“There are only good days and great days”
Healthy lifestyle is more than a place to be,it is an experience,a path,your ticket to great days,everyday!!

Rosalie Malkoun

Very professional team and service! Keep up the good work

Joy Cremesty

Best coaches! Friendly atmosphere!
Such an amusing time while working out and sculpting the body u always dreamed of!

Tanya Nassar
Field Sales Trainer at Allergan

When I count my blessings, i always count Healthy Lifestyle twice!
It is owned by true Caregivers not only Professional Fitness Coaches!
The best place to start a an amazing Fitness journey!

Annie Kurdian

Going to healthy lifestyle became a real lifestyle.
I look forward to go to the gym and meet my extraordinary trainers with every new sun! 🙂
Come join us! You will become a health addict!

Jana Wehbe

This is the place where you are taught how to love a healthy lifestyle and become addicted to it rather then forced… always grateful to the best coach ever!

Roland Hachem
EGM Head of Training at Novartis

With Healthy Lifestyle I discovered that burning calories and fat is an art: art of positiveness and “you can” attitude; art of going beyond your limits with a smile; art of looking good in the Before and After picture. I rate them Excellent not only because I love them but because I love their spirit. Keep it up please

Rouba Taouk
Head of Corporate Communications at Byblos Bank

I used to be lazy with heavy weight, spending my time watching TV and playing PS3, but once i stared working out with Coach Fares, my life has changed, it is hard i know 🙂 but his way of dealing with things makes you more happy and encourage you… now i am light, lost weight and i am enjoying my Gym 🙂 … I love my coach, big hug

Joe Mhanna

I only know Fares for 3 month now; I liked his professional approach starting the 1st session.

The 1st session is where he does your evaluation. It’s a very detailed fitness test that will measure different part of your body, your heart rate, fat; taking into consideration your age, height, weight etc… Thus you can see the progress you will make after 2 to 3 months (or more depending on how many sessions you take by week).

He is very calm, dedicated, accurate and professional.
He will evaluate your progress after each program to modify it depending on your strength and weakness.
He’s a tailor made trainer with great capacity in finding what your body really needs.

Raymond Béchara

In no time I felt in shape! I was never that fit in my life. I now understand the value of a professional trainer thanks to Healthy Lifestyle. Keep it up guys!

Joelle Tabet